15 Years of Adventure And Community

15 Years of Adventure And Community

When we started this organization 15 years ago, our vision was for climbing to become a regular activity in Chiang Mai that supported community and inspired people to get outside to experience the natural environment. We have always believed that when people get outside and have an authentic adventure experience, they will continue to come back for that experience and along the way they will develop a new respect for the environment and ultimately take more action to protect it and develop sustainable behaviors every day of their life. These behaviors will not only apply to the outdoors but to urban life as well. At this year’s Chiang Mai Rock Fest, we saw our vision of 15 years ago become reality.  Local community, climbing community and new comers celebrating the environment and a healthy active lifestyle together.  Hearing what our community feels about CMRCA brought tears to our eyes and filled our hearts with gratitude.

Climbing in Chiang Mai is a special experience. It is defined by the incredible group of people who each bring something to the community in a shared vision of living adventure. Thank you to all of our community, family and all climbers who have helped make climbing and adventure in Chiang Mai and at Crazy Horse Buttress such an incredible journey throughout these past 15 years.

As we look ahead to the future, we are inspired by this shared passion and look forward to continuing our efforts to develop climbing and inspire a new generation of adventurers committed to a healthy and sustainable future.

Thank you for your continued passion, enthusiasm and support.  See you on the rock!

Climb Safely and Climb On

Josh and Kat Morris

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