Exciting Community Events This Season

The CMRCA family is psyched to be hosting a bunch of awesome community events this high season! Below is a list of all the events coming up and a bit about them. Hope you can join us and remember to … Continued

Chiang Mai Update

As of yesterday afternoon there have been reports of protests around the moat (specifically at Chang Puak and Thapae Gate) and several arrests made by police and military. Stay smart and keep yourself updated on alerts around the city. You … Continued

Stay Calm and Climb On

As you are all aware the political situation in Thailand has changed quite drastically in the last few days and there is still no certainty as to what will happen next. We are vigilantly monitoring the situation as to provide … Continued

Top’s Ordainment

Congratulations to Top, our CMRCA Adventure Store staff member (and star equipment model) for his 8 day ordainment as a monk! Thai’s believe that when you turn 25 years old, you enter your “half live”. To avoid and prevent any … Continued

Play Songkran Respectfully!

The summer heat has officially settled into Chiang Mai as the city is gearing up for it’s annual new year’s Songkran celebration! Songkran is traditionally a religious celebration and many still participate in religious and cultural rituals.  It is still … Continued

Join Us on Dec. 21 for Crag Clean-Up Day!

Crag Clean-Up is this weekend! We’ll be out at Crazy Horse working on a few clean-up and maintenance projects in the morning and then enjoying the cool weather and climbing in the afternoon. All are welcome! Sell Tickets through Eventbrite

When Eating Organic Was Totally Uncool

  This is a great article about growing up within a Hmong community in the US and what happens when tradition meets modernization, and different cultures and beliefs collide. “To me, the organic food movement has become dizzyingly, surreally chic. … Continued

C³ Community Crank 2013

  Over the weekend we hosted our annual C³ Community Crank bouldering competition. We had one of the best turnouts ever, and with over 30 competitors enjoyed 3 hours of non-stop bouldering fun! With four competition categories (kids, novice, intermediate, and … Continued