Climbing Tips: Opening a Brand New Sterling Rope

**Climbing is inherently dangerous. This video is not a substitution for personal instruction with a professional instructor or a guide.** So you just purchased your first rope and you are itching to get out to the crag to test it … Continued

Climbing Tips: Inspecting & Caring For a Climbing Rope

The rope is your lifeline and requires a tremendous amount of love and care. In this video, CMRCA Team Member Mario Wild demonstrates how to inspect a climbing rope to help ensure the safety and readiness of your rope before … Continued

Climbing Gear: Choosing The Right Quickdraws For Your Climb

In this video, CMRCA Team Member Jon Imong provides overview of different types of quickdraws and offers tips on how to select the best quickdraw for your personal rack. **Climbing in inherently dangerous. This video is not a substitution for … Continued

Climbing Gear: Choosing the Right Climbing Shoes

Wearing the right shoes will help you excel tremendously in climbing and make it more enjoyable at the same time. The best shoes for you may not be the most expensive or aggressive, rather the ones that fit you the … Continued

Climbing Gear: Different Types of Belay Devices

In this video, CMRCA Team Member Jon Imong discusses the differences, benefits, and limitations of three different types of Black Diamond Belay Devices: the ATC, ATC XP, and ATC Guide. It also discusses using the assisted braking device called the … Continued

Climbing Gear: Choosing a Climbing Harness

You may have noticed that there are many different types of harnesses to choose from. Each brand and model offers something different so how do we know we are choosing the right one? Harnesses come with different gear loop sizes, … Continued