Climbing Skills: Correctly Tying a Figure 8 Knot

Climbers use the figure 8 knot to connect him or herself to the rope and the belayer. Knowing how to tie a figure 8 knot correctly is one of the most important and essential rock climbing skills. In this video, … Continued

Climbing Skills: Load and Use a Belay Device

Loading the belay device is an important first step to help ensure safety during climbing for both the belayer and the climber. Making mistakes during this stage can often result in unfortunate accidents that were easy to prevent. In this … Continued

Back to the Basics

New to climbing? or taken a long hiatus?  Check out Climbing Magazine’s How To series on rock climbing basics. The video below provides great instruction on belaying technique.  Practice this and other basic climbing skills by taking one of our … Continued

Belaying Safely With The New GRIGRI 2

Petzl just released the new GRIGRI 2.  It is a great improvement to an already incredible auto-locking belay device.  Check out this video and pay special attention to Steve Mclure’s advice for safe belaying.  Belaying is the cause of a … Continued

Know Your Gear

Check out this carabiner pull-test video from Black Diamond.  Be sure to inform yourself about your gear and it’s appropriate uses.  There is never an end to acquiring new knowledge.  Stop by CMRCA if you have any questions about your … Continued

What is Fall Factor?

Have a look at this excellent explanation of key concepts about lead climbing and multi-pitch climbing.  He also talks about the “Ape Index,” and how it applies to climbing.  To learn more about these concepts, stop by our office.  Climb … Continued