CMRCA Annual Progression 2017


A movement or development to a more advanced state.


As we’ve grown from a small guiding business to the robust community of climbers and adventurers that we are today, we recognized the need to assemble as coworkers and friends and to take the time get to know each other more closely. Based off of this thought, the theme of this year’s annual retreat was born: Come Together. As an organization, we believe that everything we do serves to develop our people and our community. We recognize that the services we provide at CMRCA are only as good as those who run and breathe the life into them, therefore we set forth to provide extensive training and a great experience for our entire CMRCA family.

With the spirit of unity in mind, we set out together as a group to the beautiful Sabai Sabai Resort, a peaceful Muay Thai training campus located in the heart of Mae On, a region that holds great significance to us as an organization. Starting from small group team-building activities and ice-breakers, to playing Frisbee and soccer in our free-time, we spent the next three days talking, eating, learning and ultimately, growing together. Much like the students in the programs we lead, our staff worked together to encourage and support each other throughout the various challenges presented throughout the week. These included a steep and muddy morning trek, group activities, trust exercises, and quiet reflections.

Aside from the fun and games enjoyed at Sabai Sabai Resort, the staff, old and new, ventured out into Mae On and participated in activities commonly found in the curriculum of our different group programs. CMRCA works in conjunction with local educational NGO’s to teach students about Thai culture and customs. In addition, we had the pleasure of testing out several new offerings for the upcoming 2017 season, such as visiting the Mae On Organic Agriculture Education Center, where we learned about sufficiency farming and helped in the creation of organic soaps and composts. Other activities involved preparing and sampling Thai snacks, bamboo weaving, and indulging on the ever-delicious butterfly pea juice.

As a whole, the annual staff progression served as both a three-day team-building activity, as well as a way to prepare staff for our programs of the upcoming season.

As we looked forward to our busiest season yet with our largest staff to date, we felt more prepared than ever for the year to come.

Climb on!

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