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C3 Community Crank – September 22, 2012

The CRANK is back!

CMRCA is excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a C-Cubed Community CRANK bouldering competition on Saturday, September 22, 2012.  The CRANK is a fantastic way for  local climbers and traveling climbers of all experience levels to come together for a friendly competition and dinner at the CMRCA gym.  We’ll be giving away gear and prizes from local sponsors to men and women from all experience levels.


15.00 – 16.00: Registration

16.00 – 19.00: C3 Community CRANKS! (climbing, spotting and good tunes)

19.00 – 22.00: Dinner, Prizes & Hangout 

Registration Fee

THB 300 (C3 members receive 20% off)

Registration includes the following:

  • Dinner and drinking water (beer and sports drinks for sale)
  • 20% discount off all gear in the CMRCA Adventure Store (9/22 only)
  • 20% off transportation to the crag on Sunday, 9/23  

If you are interested in being a spectator and joining for dinner, it will be THB 100 per person. 

Register today on the CMRCA Eventbrite page:

Eventbrite - C3 Community Crank


Crank ON!

CMRCA Completes Wilderness Advanced First Aid

The CMRCA team hung up the climbing ropes and picked up the books last week to take part in a 6- Day WMA Wilderness Advanced First Aid course. Simon Dilks, a WMA Instructor and General Manager of Insight Adventures flew to Chiang Mai from Yangshuo, China. His years of experience in the outdoor and medical industries have made him an invaluable resource for the SE Asian outdoor industry over the years.
Many things can happen at the crag, everything from mosquito bites to spinal injuries.This medical training was designed for professionals working in remote and challenging environments. What happens if you can’t call an ambulance or you are more than 2 hours from a hospital? Managing medical emergencies in the backcountry is quite different in scope from those in urban settings. There is an old saying in the guide industry that goes something like this “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.” Our commitment to seeking growth and development of our staff ensures that we are ready for all back country emergency situations.  In an ideal world we would never have to use these medical skills, however climbing and caving are inherently dangerous and we need to be prepared to handle any emergency.
The highlight of the training was a medical scenario day at Crazy Horse. All of the scenarios involved multiple people with injuries of varying degree. Check out pictures from the 6-day training below!
Climb ON!

CMRCA Hosts Wilderness First Aid Course

This weekend, CMRCA is hosting a WMA Wilderness First Aid course in Chiang Mai.  The group is a great mix of local climbers, experiential education partners and new  friends that travelled from as far away as Kuching, Malaysia.

Certification courses for wilderness first aid and CPR are few and far between here in SE Asia. While we are busy preparing for our own Wilderness Advanced First Aid course next week, we wanted to take this opportunity while an instructor was in town to offer a course to the greater community.  We are committed to the professional development of our own staff, but in the event of an emergency, the reality is that local climbers and adventurers are more likely to be the first responders.  Providing opportunities for training is an important part of developing a safe and sustainable crag!

Stay tuned for more community-based training and development opportunities!

Climb ON!

CMRCA Schedule Change: August 20-25

Over the last couple months, CMRCA staff have been translating materials and running through medical scenarios to prepare for the WMA Wilderness Advanced First Aid course, 20-25 August, 2012.  Due to limited staffing during the certification course, please note the following changes to the CMRCA course and service schedule:

August 20-24: The CMRCA Adventure Store and bouldering wall will be open for regular business hours (8.00-20.00) and red truck transportation will be running to Crazy Horse Buttress daily.  There will not be any CMRCA rock climbing or caving courses available this week, but we can assist with booking other adventure experience in Chiang Mai.

August 25: The store and bouldering wall will be closed due to a full staff emergency response training at Crazy Horse Buttress.  CMRCA will still provide red truck transportation to the crag, but climbers should be aware that specific areas will be reserved for staff training.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We appreciate all of your support as we continue to develop our staff and improve safety and service at Crazy Horse Buttress.

Climb ON!

Staff Prep for WAFA Course

In late August, the CMRCA staff will be taking a 5-day Wilderness Advanced First Aid course with Wilderness Medical Associates International.  Leading up to the course, staff have been meeting to translate course materials and review concepts through both discussion and scenarios.

As described on CMRCA’s Core Values page, working at CMRCA is a progression.  We invest a lot of time, energy and resources to ensure that staff are developing new skills and challenging themselves on a daily basis.  Seeking growth and development both personally and professionally is one of the values that defines us as a company.  We take these trainings seriously, but always have a fun time getting together as a family.  Check out some pictures from one of our first aid scenario meetings below.

We are offering a 3-day Wilderness First Aid course for C3 Members and the greater Chiang Mai community 17-19 August, 2012.  This a great opportunity to join us and develop your own skills in responding to emergencies.  Check out the eventbrite page for more information and to register.

Climb ON!


WMA Wilderness First Aid Course

CMRCA  is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training in conjunction with Wilderness Medical Associates International


Program Dates:  August 17th – 19th, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Program Location: Doi Suthep Nature Study Center Chiang Mai University, 239 Huay Kaew Road,Muang District, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50002

Price: ?7995 

Prerequisites:  Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in this course. Those under 18 years of age require the written consent of a parent or guardian.


Space is limited.  Please register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot: 


Eventbrite - WMA Wilderness First Aid Course


Given our location in South East Asia it is extremely difficult to obtain this certification without traveling to Europe or the Untied States. We are fortunate to have the opportunity here in Chiang Mai for such training.

This 3-day course is the most thorough and relevant first- aid training for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone spending time in the backcountry.  Please note, the course will be taught in English, but will be facilitated at a slower rate for Native Thai speakers.

The course will cover a wide range of topics including:  Patient Assessment System; CPR; Circulatory System; Nervous System; Respiratory System; Fractures, Stable Injuries; Splints 1-Extremities; Hypothermia; Hyperthermia and Heat Illness; Near Drowning; Lightning Injuries; Wounds and Burns; Anaphylaxis; Lifting, Moving Extrication; Patient Carries; Backcountry Medicine

After successfully completing the WFA course participants will be certified internationally  in both Wilderness First Aid and Adult CPR. Certification is valid for 3 years.



Crazy Horse Maintenance Update

Due to safety concerns, we have removed several wasps nest from the following routes:

The Buddha Buttress – “The Shining Path, 6b”,
Crazy Horse Area – “Into The Sun 2nd pitch, 6a+”,
Crazy Horse Area – “Blood, Love and Steel, 1st pitch, 6c”,
Crazy Horse Area – “Partnes (right) aka Steve Gumaer and Co., 6a”.

Please be aware that there is always a risk for insect stings so continue to be careful. We are committed to maintaining a safe crag, please report any nests or threats to

Climb ON!

CMRCA Movie Night: 180° South

Join us for the next FREE Movie Night at the CMRCA gym on Thursday, 28 June, 20.00-22.00!  This month we are showing 180° South – a documentary that follows adventurer Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins (founders of The North Face and Patagonia) to Southern Chile. Along the way he gets shipwrecked off Easter Island, surfs the longest wave of his life – and prepares himself for a rare ascent of Cerro Corcovado. Jeff’s life turns when he meets up in a rainy hut with Chouinard and Tompkins who, once driven purely by a love of climbing and surfing, now value above all the experience of raw nature – and have come to Patagonia to spend their fortunes to protect it.

Check out the trailer below and please register if you plan to attend:

Eventbrite - Movie Night: 180 Degrees South



Alex Honnold’s Triple Link-up

On June 5-6, 2012, Alex Honnold made the first ever solo link-up of Yosemite’s Mt. Watkins, El Capitan, and Half Dome in 18 hours and 50 minutes.  Hannold was climbing 95% of the route free solo. 

As if that wasn’t a big enough feat, on June 17, Honnold and Hans Florine broke the Nose speed record on El Capitan by 13 minutes.  They powered up the legendary wall in 2 hours, 23 minutes, 46 seconds.

The video below of Honnold’s link-up is a teaser for Reel Rock 7 to be released in late 2012.  We’re psyched to be hosting another Reel Rock Show this fall – final event date to be announced SOON!

Sky Rockets in Flight in Mae On

Is it too much to say that the Rocket Festival was a BLAST?  Well I couldn’t resist – the annual event proved once again to be an amazing day out in Mae On!

CMRCA staff along with local and traveling climbers joined the festival right down the road from Crazy Horse Buttress.   Check out some photos from the event below.  We already can’t wait for next year!

Climb ON!

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