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CMRCA lives by the core value 'Think Like a Family'. Community events run monthly and all are welcome!


FREE CLIMBING! Yeah, you heard us. No wonder this is always an action-packed days at  the Bouldering Wall. CMRCA is dedicated to making climbing exciting and accessible to  everyone in Thailand, so from 5-8 PM on the first Tuesday of every month, you get a jump  start.

It’s only the beginning, of course… come with questions, come to make friends! We hope you  will be swayed enough by the fun of climbing and the positive community that you’ll head out  to Crazy Horse the following weekend.




Kids day is a special Saturday — the 3rd Saturday of every month — when kids under 12 can  climb for free from 13.00 – 16.00.

On this day we often welcome groups from youth centers and orphanages from around the  region. As we pursue more consistent and sustainable ways to get local children into  climbing, Kids Day provides a stepping stone and an introduction to the sport for Chiang Mai’s  future climbing community. It’s one of our favorite days of the month.




The Community Crank competition series grew out of a CMRCA staff meeting in  which we were trying to think of ways to make the Bouldering Wall more exciting.  It’s a great wall, of course, but you can only do so much with 6 x 8 meters of wood  and plastic every day of the week. How could we create an arena for our  community to climb with fresh energy, and push each other forward?

The answer has led to some of the most memorable indoor climbing days in Chiang Mai history: the Community Crank series. In prepration for a Crank, we strip the bouldering wall and set 25 brand-new routes. The competition is buffet-style, meaning everyone simply must climb as many routes as they can in the allotted time. Beginner climbers pull down on exciting one-spot routes while challenging three- and four-spot routes give everyone something to scream about.

In past Cranks we have held a kids’ and adults’ competition on the same day. After a Community Crank, we cook up a big dinner and toast each other at the wall. Once the scores are added up the celebration concludes with a distribution of fun prizes from within the larger Chiang Mai community. Best of all, each Community Crank provides a crop of brand new problems to tackle, and a reminder of why we love the Chiang Mai climbing community.

Keep an eye on the CMRCA web blog so that you don’t miss the next Community Crank!



Every month or so, you can find the Chiang Mai climbing community trying our chalk crusted  hands at bowling, rafting, biking, barbequeing, yoga, Quiz Night, or miniature golf. We dress  up for movie nights and show up in a crowd at the annual Mae On Rocket Festival. The  resulting embarrassing pictures only rarely reflect how much fun these events actually are.

Being the base camp of the climbing community in northern Thailand means we sometimes  get the opportunity to host special events. If a VIP (Very Interesting Person) from the greater  climbing world is in Chiang Mai, we will nearly always persuade them to put on  a talk, slideshow, or training clinic. We even sometimes reach outside the climbing sphere for  a really special event (the aerial dancing workshop was pretty out there). It’s all about having fun together, discovering the hidden talents of our climbing partners, and giving the marketing department something to blog about… kidding…

Check the CMRCA site to see what’s coming up! Contact the Events Team ( if you have a great idea for what we should do next.

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