Crazy Horse Notice of Closure


To all CMRCA community members and independent climbers,

You may have noticed in recent weeks that there has been discussion on social media and in the news about concerns with access at Crazy Horse Buttress. There are claims that CMRCA, it’s founders and some foreign staff have been operating a business that is damaging to the environment. Additionally they claim that CMRCA has been operating without proper permission and has taken advantage of the community.
These claims are completely unfounded and do not represent our commitment to community, sustainability and adventure during the past 15 years. We wish to assure the community that over the past fifteen years, we have done everything according to the law and proper procedure and in close collaboration with the Mae On community and its leaders.
As the case is currently under investigation, we unfortunately cannot provide any more detail. Additionally due to the investigation, we regret to inform you that Crazy Horse Buttress will be closed to all climbers including CMRCA beginning 01 August 2018. The closure will remain in effect until further notice.
We advise that no one attempt to climb at Crazy Horse during this period. This includes all climbers Thai or foreign. Those who climb will be in violation of the law and may risk arrest. We are uncertain as to why this has become an issue now and are working tirelessly to address the issue and preserve access in the future.
We will update you as soon as we have any additional information regarding the issue.
Climb On
Josh and Kat Morris
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