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Forget your gear in Bangkok? Only have one day to climb in Chiang Mai? We offer a complete rental program to meet your climbing needs. All our ropes are kept with a rope use log so that you can view the history of the rope you rent.

Prices are as follows:

Baht per day
Guide Book
Rope 500

Quickdraws (1 set of 15 draws) 375
Climbing Shoes 300

Climbing Harness 250
Helmet 250
Chalk Bag w/Chalk 100
ATC Belay Device with Locking Carabiner 250

Gri-Gri Belay Device with Locking Carabiner 400
Small Locking Carabiner 125
Large Locking Carabiner 175

60cm Nylon Runner 75

120 CM Nylon Runner
Full Set (1 rope, 1 set of quickdraws, 2 ATC’s, 2 Harnesses, 2 Helmets, 2 Pair of Shoes, 2 60cm Nylon Runners, 2 Small Locking Carabiners, 1 Guidebook)


NOTE: Due to issues in the past with gear gone missing, we now require you to leave your passport or a cash deposit for the replacement cost of the items rented at CMRCA for the duration of your rental.

Click here to view the Equipment Rental Contract and Policy.


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Just five short years ago, it was difficult to find climbing gear in Thailand. Fortunately, that is no longer the case! Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures is Thailand’s only importer and distributor of Sterling Rope and Mad Rock climbing equipment, so we have everything you need at prices you can afford. Visit our retail space located in central Chiang Mai, and check out the latest shoe models, replace that old sling that’s caked in salt, or pick up a super-skinny rope to help you send your hardest projects. We also sell first-aid kits, finger tape, chalk, and other odds and ends that you can’t find anywhere else. Once you’re all set with gear, you can pick up a a T-shirt, some stickers, or a guidebook to remember your trip by. Or, if you’re staying for a while, browse our library of climbing books and movies to keep you motivated through your rest days. Our retail shop is also home to the Chiang Mai Climbing Club, and Chiang Mai’s only bouldering wall, with routes of all difficulties that change daily, so there is something for everybody, and you’ll never get bored! Retail hours: 08:00 – 20:00 every day.


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