Rescue 3 International Overview


Starting August 2016 CMRCA will host internationally recognized rescue training and certification courses in conjunction with Rescue 3 International.

Rescue 3 International is an organization focused on providing practical, real world experience. To this end, all of Rescue 3’s instructors are professionals working in the disciplines they teach. They include paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers, Search and Rescue team members, as well as river guides and military personnel. While Rescue 3’s instructors come from a wide variety of fields, they all share the drive to save lives and teach others life saving techniques. The following few pages outline Rescue 3’s philosophical viewpoint concerning rescue and rescue instruction, which applies equally to instructors, staff and students alike.

This training provides a 3 year certification and online access to the Rescue 3 International certified members page.

Interrelatedness of Disciplines

There are a number of rescue disciplines. These include dive rescue and recovery, tower rescue, trench rescue, cliff rescue, cave and mine rescue, swiftwater rescue, just to name a few. It is important to remember that none of these disciplines stands on its own. Rather, each has its own unique aspects while borrowing applicable techniques from other disciplines. For instance, both high rise and high angle rescue contain skills developed for vertical wall rescue, high rise firefighting, structural engineering, heavy rescue, dirt cliff rescue and many more.

Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum was developed by leaders in the field of technical rescue and is constantly updated and fine-turned by a world-wide cadre of over 700 instructors in 32 different countries. Obviously, with more than 150,000 students who have taken Rescue 3’s courses worldwide, we’ve refined our approach until it is the absolute best in business.

Global Standards

Our courses have been independently audited and found to be compliant with the NFPA 1670 standard for technical rescue in high risk environments including swiftwater, industrial and rope rescue. This is important because training to a recognized standard is a key factor in reducing your organization’s risk profile.

Upcoming Courses

  • Tower, Climbing, Safety & Rescue:  17-19 October, 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Technical Rope Rescue – Operator Level:  22-24 October, 2018 in Chiang, Mai Thailand
  • Technical Rope Rescue – Technician Level:  22-26 October, 2018 in Chiang, Mai Thailand

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