Intro to Cave Climb

My husband and I went out Thursday for the first time with Mario and P. It ended up being four of us to two guides. It was very well organized, sustainable,no trace left behind attitude. Lunch, water and snack provided. The lesson took half the day and was thorough. We were able to inspect the equipment and lines/ropes. Instructors not only helped, supported but took over if you couldn’t recall your next move. The cave ascend is 30 meters. Descending or repelling is a non issue. The climb back out however is strenuous for first timers. You will sweat and be dirty and gain a full body workout. We loved it. Saw amazing cave interior, bats, spiders, and growing formations. The leaders are very knowledgeable about the area. Safety was a priority. Highly recommend this outfit. They were actually getting feedback from a US AMGA climbing guide while there. Top notch. Climb, cave or boulder check them out.