Introduction to caving with CMRCA

After climbing with CMRCA several times I wanted to try the caving. “Introduction to caving” takes a full day, and was a great experience.
– Location is the same as for the climbing, Crazy Horse Buttress about 30-45 min driving from CM. CMRCA provide the transport, lunch, drinks and all gear, including backpack.
– You start outdoor getting basic training in using the equipment for ascending and descending. Different equipment is used from “regular” rock climbing, and the harness is a bit more uncomfortable.
– After training session completed you go into the caves, some minor ascends/descends/traverses first before the big drop with 25-30 meter rapell down into the main cave. Quite cool to descend into the darkness at the bottom. Well inside you leave the harness and equipment and walk around the cave, where you learn about stalagmites, stalactites, and other formations, how the cave system is formed, and the animals living inside.
– After a sightseeing of the cave you have your lunch and then ascend back up.
I think it was an awesome experience with a great mix of learning about the techniques and gear used for caving, and learning about the geology and ecosystem of the cave.
The main ascend up from the cave is a bit hard physically, so you will definitely break a sweat. But not to worry, the guides can tell during the training session if you are capable, and if not may offer an easier alternative.
The cave is quite wide, so no claustrophobic feeling. As always with CMRCA the safety is taken extremely well care of and the guides are professional. Highly recommended!