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What’s for Lunch?

24 May 2011 There’s nothing like a well-deserved lunch break in the middle of the climbing day. It’s a time to rest, hydrate, chat and of course —chow down. But…

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Drink Water Wisely

True, when traveling around Thailand you probably don’t want to drink straight from the tap. But that doesn’t mean that you need to buy plastic water bottles to stay hydrated.…

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New Caving Video!

Chronicles of last month’s caving expedition: Bugs, bats, bolts, teamwork, vistas, squeezes, local flavor, and a seriously big cave.  We Live Adventure!  Cave on! Crazy Caving Adventures in Thailand from…

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Sterling Rope is Here!

Here at CMRCA we are PSYCHED to announce that the new Sterling order has finally arrived!  We can’t say enough about the quality of these ropes, and the 2011 prices…

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Notes from Sui Tang Caving Expedition

April in Thailand: Hot. Dry. Not Songkran until the 13th.  Sound boring?  It sure would be, except that it’s also caving season. As per annual tradition, CMRCA seized the moment…

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CMRCA is Underground

Somewhere up north, the CMRCA team is underground, searching for the deepest cave in Thailand. Josh, Taw, Phi, Ooan, EQ, and Nali spent the past two days following streams into…

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Think You Know It All?

How old is Adam Ondra, how hard is HVS, and who is the climber known as “Rockstar”?  The Chiang Mai climbing community battled wits last night in another round of…

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