Climbing Gym Prices

Get strong and get acquainted with our local climbers at our local climbing wall.

A few years ago, there would be some days when we’d be feeling really down because we could only commit 2-4 hours to climbing, and the crag was just a little too far away.

Then we realized that if we just built a climbing wall, we could still climb every day!

In April of 2004, the construction was finished, and the Chiang Mai Climbing Club was born. C3‘s home is 24 square meters of climbing bliss, located directly behind the CMRCA shop in central Chiang Mai. We wanted to create a safe, fun, and social atmosphere, where new climbers would feel welcome and pros could get a good workout, so we protected the wall with gymnastics pads, added a finger board and a campus board, and committed to changing routes every day.

These days, the wall is where we spend most of our free time, hanging out with friends, introducing new climbers to the sport, and getting a good pump on. We’ve created a space that we really love, and from what we can tell, locals, traveling climbers, and families love it, too.

Climbing Gym Pricing

Day Pass

  • Adult: 250 THB
  • Child: 200 THB

5 Punch Pass (valid for 3 months)

  • Adult: 1195 THB
  • Child: 995 THB

10 Punch Pass (valid for 6 months)

  • Adult: 2250 THB
  • Child: 1795 THB

Or, check out the Chiang Mai Climbing Club for unlimited wall access and other awesome perks!


Chalk Bag: 50 THB

Shoes: 50 THB

Shoes & Chalk Bag Combo: 75 THB


Monday – Friday: 3pm – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 8pm

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