Lead Belay & Cleaning Anchors

Become the perfect climbing partner by learning to lead belay and clean anchors.

You already know the basics of tying in, belaying, and movement, now it is time to become the perfect climbing partner and learn how to lead belay and clean anchors!

The goal of this course is to teach participants how to lead belay and clean anchors becoming fast, safe, and efficient.  These 2 skills will greatly effect the amount of climbing that you can get in on one day and will make it easier for you to find climbing partner.

We will begin the day by setting up some climbs to have some fun and to get your blood moving.  Next you will dive into the lead belay lesson.  How it is different from top rope belay?  What to look for?  How to catch a fall?!  What is short roping?  You will have plenty of time to practice before lunch.

After a delicious lunch made by our local partners you will spend the afternoon learning how to clean anchors.  Your precious climbing gear is on the wall and someone needs to go up and retrieve it.  You will learn how to use some new pieces of equipment and some special techniques used for cleaning anchors.

By the end of this course you will have learned the skills that any lead climber looks for in a partner.  Pretty soon you will be getting on the sharp end yourself!


  • 5,495 THB PER PERSON

* For private groups larger than 8 people please contact us for prices and availability

    Is this course for me?

    This course is designed for beginner to intermediate climbers who already have some basic climbing experience and know how to tie basic climbing knots and can top rope belay.

    What will I learn?
    • Review climbing fundamentals (Figure 8, Top Rope Belay)
    • Dynamic lead belay
    • Catching a fall
    • Equipment for cleaning anchors
    • Personal anchor systems
    • Threading the anchor
    • Lowering/Rappel/Abseil off anchors
    What's Included?

    AMGA/WMA Certified Guide, climbing equipment, insurance for climbing, lunch, transportation to and from the activity site and the CMRCA office.

    Hotel Pick up and drop off service available at checkout.

    What should I bring?

    Athletic Clothing, Closed Toed Shoes and Socks, Refillable Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Camera, Snacks


    07.00 – 07.30: Arrive at CMRCA
    07.30 – 10.00: Transport to Lampang
    10.00 – 12.00: Rock Climbing
    12.00 – 13.00: Local Thai Lunch
    13.00 – 15.00: Rock Climbing
    15.00 – 17.30: Return to CMRCA

Safe, highly trained, lead climbing experience

While this group costs more than the competitors group, I was able to observe Gee's technique against the other outfits guides and Gee was much safer and practiced under the Colorado Mountain School (US) standards.

CMRCA is the best!

I can say that going out to Crazy Horse Was by far one of the highlights of my trip.

Safe, professional and fun

Crazy Horse is a great location to do a climbing course and CMRCA have great guides.

Intro to Caving was great!

What a cool thing to do while in Chiang Mai! The cave was amazing!

“fun adventure, great company”

My caving trip with CMRCA was the best thing I did in Chiang Mai!

Intro to Cave Climb

The leaders are very knowledgeable about the area. Safety was a priority. Highly recommend this outfit.

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