Getting to Crazy Horse

Take advantage of CMRCA’s convenient transport service or drive yourself.

Limited availability! Book your spot online HERE!!

The only way to get to Crazy Horse is to drive. It is roughly 36 km from Chiang Mai and should take no more than 45 minutes. The easiest and most convenient way to enjoy the crag is to use CMRCA’s daily transportation service.

CMRCA Crag Transportation:

What? Red trucks (songtaews) that seat 10.

When? Everyday. The red trucks leave the CMRCA shop in the morning at 8:30, and leave the crag at 16:30, so you can get in a full day of cranking.

How? Come visit our shop (at the LATEST by 7:30 pm the night before) to sign up and choose your lunch. Then just show up in the morning ready to roll (with your reusable water bottle)! Or book online here!

Includes? Round trip transportation (same day only) from CMRCA to Crazy Horse Buttress and drinking water. Optional lunch.

Price? 395 Baht/person (discounts available for C³ Climbing Club members)

Feeling Independent? Want to spend a couple of nights close to the crag in cozy Mae On? Consider renting a car/motorbike.

There are a number of car rental places along the eastern side of the moat on Chaiyapoom Road. The most economical and entertaining way to get to Crazy Horse on your own is to rent a small motorbike. These are quite easy to drive, even if you have never done so before. Options include fully-automatic and semi-automatic (there is no clutch so shifting doesn’t require a lot of coordination. Prices range from 100-250 Baht per day and can be found all over town. Stop by our shop if you need assistance.

Directions to Crazy Horse from CMRCA:

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