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Crag Clean Up Day 2010

Every cold season in the weeks leading up to Crag Clean Up Day, we find it a bit challenging to explain why a Saturday of moving rocks and collecting trash…

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Know Your Gear

Check out this carabiner pull-test video from Black Diamond.  Be sure to inform yourself about your gear and it’s appropriate uses.  There is never an end to acquiring new knowledge.…

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Dancing on Air

Mention the words “jumar” or “hanging belay” around climbers and you are likely to see more grimaces than grins.  Ascending a rope and hanging in a harness are not the…

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Learn to Fly in Chiang Mai!

Special event at CMRCA! FLYING WORKSHOP A quick and dirty introduction to aerial dancing with rope and harness. Take your comfort in a harness to graceful new heights, or try…

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Guides Prepare for AMGA Instructor Course

CMRCA Core Value Number Seven: ????????, gaan pát-tá-naa, training and development.  Over the next two weeks the CMRCA instructor team will be extending our commitment to this value by taking part in…

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