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Daila Ojeda Sends 8c+

Check out this video of Dalia Ojeda sending 8c+ with her Sterling Nano. Dalia has been making waves in the climbing scene for the past few years and her ascent of Mind Control this summer has made her one of the most successful female climbers today.  Contact us to find out more about Sterling Rope products.

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JSTAR Ascends New World Order

Check out this amazing footage of Jonathan Siegrist’s recent ascents.  JSTAR is a former member of CMRCA and forever part of the Chiang Mai climbing family. We’re so excited to see his continued success.

We encourage you to follow all of JSTAR’s adventures.

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New Movie – Cragging at Crazy Horse

After living and working in Chiang Mai for 6 months, climber and film maker Caleb Streat followed staff and locals from the CMRCA community to capture a day in the life of one of the best crags in Asia. 

Join the crew from CMRCA for a day of rock climbing fun at the stunning Crazy Horse Buttress in Northern Thailand.

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360 Degrees of Chiang Mai Bouldering

Playing around with PhotoSynth… check out this 360 degree view of the Bouldering Wall!  This space was packed for JumpStart last night.  Join the Chiang Mai Climbing Club for unlimited access to this fun facility, and loads of other great deals.  Climb ON!

Another Sampling of the Luscious Limestone

We love what we do.  We’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years developing a new wall called Na Pah Hua Jai (Heart Wall).  The word Jai means heart and in Thai language it is used as part of many adjectives such as Jai Rawn (Impatient or Hot Hearted), Jai Yen (Patient or Cool Hearted), and Ruam Jai (Together Heart or Community). Every route at the stunning Heart Wall has the word Jai in it and it hasn’t been difficult to find words to describe the feeling on each route.  Here is a video of a new route called Dtat Sin Jai (Decide) aptly named for the myriad holds to choose from.  So sit back and enjoy, listen to your heart and come climbing with us.

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New Caving Video!

Chronicles of last month’s caving expedition: Bugs, bats, bolts, teamwork, vistas, squeezes, local flavor, and a seriously big cave.  We Live Adventure!  Cave on!

Crazy Caving Adventures in Thailand from Thailand Climbing on Vimeo.

New Routing and a First Ascent on Sun Seeker

ssthumb_00000Everybody has their own idea of what makes a perfect holiday, for some it’s lounging by the pool or a sunset on a tropical beach. Francis Haden, who has collaborated with CMRCA in the development of Crazy Horse for many years, has his own idea: Hanging from a rope, inside a cave while establishing new climbing routes.

When Francis visited Chiang Mai recently, CMRCA armed him with several hundred meters of static rope, a brand new drill and haul bag ofclimbing bolts and headed for Crazy Horse Buttress. He spent the next few days hanging in a harness, dealing with all the difficulties of bolting a new route, all the more complicated by being onthe roof of a cave. A day later than planned due to a broken drill bit he emerged victorious, dirty, covered in resin but grinning from ear to ear and in his own words “happy for getting to spend time in a place that has touched his soul like no other”. We made a short film to show Francis equipping and climbing the first ascent of the new route Francis has named ‘Sun Seeker.’

What kind of adventure will you create?

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“It Is Never Too Late to Start”

“I climbed and did my first caving and ascender use (Jumar) with Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures (CMRCA) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I was led by a private CMRCA guide who attended to every possible safety issue with diligence.  He guided me to a great climbing experience and introduced me to caving.  The caving was my first such effort.  I rappelled and, at the end of the cave visit, ascended a 35 meter rope with no difficulty!

The experience was stunning and memorable.  We waded through above-knee water while moving from one room to another in the cave.  Crystalline deposits, spiders, worms, crickets, and bats enhanced the visit.

For those of you who are mature, the message from this 72 year old is: “it is never too late to start.”  Through the entire two-day experience, I felt confident that I was being led with utmost attention to my needs and safety.  This place is great and CMRCA makes it a great visit!”

Thanks Alan for reminding us that it’s never too late for a new adventure!  Climb on!

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Sterling Rope – Simply the Best!

Have a look at this video from the Sterling Rope Factory.  CMRCA has been using Sterling Ropes since its first day and we believe that they are simply the best ropes available.  We have guided, climbed, caved and explored extensively on Sterling Rope.  Stop by our shop to see what is available or order a new rope for the coming season!

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What Motivates You?

Have a look at the determination of Black Diamond athlete, Adam Ondra as he sends 9a+ (5.15a) at the age of 17!  Adam has been climbing for 11 years already and it’s looking like he will be setting new standards as he continues to develop.  Be sure to check out great deals on Black Diamond gear at the CMRCA shop as you get ready to send your projects this season!

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