Vertical Explorer Camp

Ascend to new heights and delve into uncharted depths with our Vertical Explorer Camp

Ascend to new heights and delve into uncharted depths with our Vertical Explorer Camp!

From July 15th to 19th, campers will explore the world of rock climbing, rappelling, and caving. With a blend of indoor climbing sessions, outdoor rock climbing excursions, and rappelling experiences, participants will develop essential skills such as belaying, knot tying, and climbing techniques. Journeying into caves, they will then uncover the principles of cave exploration and identify key cave geology.

Beyond technical expertise, this expedition fosters personal growth, resilience, and problem-solving abilities, empowering campers to conquer fears and reach new heights—literally and metaphorically.

Sign up now to secure your camper’s spot in this week of adventure and discovery. If you register before May 12th, you can save THB 1,000, so act quickly!

    What ages can join this camp?
    • Age Group 1: 8-12 years old
    • Age Group 2: 13-18 years old
    When is this camp?
    • July 15 - 19, 2024
      • Monday to Tuesday | 09:00 - 13:00 (includes lunch)
      • Wednesday to Friday | 09:00 - 17:00 (includes lunch)
    What is the camp itinerary?
    • Day 1 - Intro to Indoor Climbing 
    • Day 2 - Top Rope Belay | Intro to Rappelling
    • Day 3 - Cave Exploration
    • Day 4 - Introduction to Outdoor Climbing | Big Rappel
    • Day 5 - Outdoor Rock Climbing | Tyrolean Traverse
    What are the learning outcomes of this camp?
    • Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing and Rappelling Skills (Belaying, Knot Tying, and Climbing Techniques)
    • Principles of Cave Exploration and Cave Geology
    • Resilience and Overcoming Fears
    • Problem Solving Across Various Situations
    What is the price?
    • THB 14,995 per camper
    What is the Early Bird Discount?
    • Use promo code SUMMERCAMP2024 when registering before May 12 to save THB 1,000
    What is included in the price?
    • Specialty Equipment for Outdoor Activities (e.g. Climbing Shoes, Harness, Helmet, and Other Gear)
    • Facilitation of Adventure and Reflection Experiences
    • Local Thai Lunch
    • Drinking Water to Refill Water Bottles
    • Transportation in Vans Between All Program Locations
    • Insurance
    • Applicable 7% Government Tax
    What should campers bring each day?
    • Refillable Water Bottle
    • Day Backpack
    • Sneakers
    • Necessary Medication
    • Additional Items Will Be Specified in the Packing List