Equipment Rental

Drop by our local climbing shop to pick up any equipment you need before heading out.

We offer a complete rental program to meet your climbing needs.

CMRCA is a “safety first” company and every piece of equipment before renting it out. All our ropes are kept with a rope use log so that you can view the history of the rope you rent.

Price List

Item Baht per day
Guide Book 250
Rope 500
Quickdraws (1 set of 15 draws) 375
Climbing Shoes 300
Climbing Harness 250
Helmet 250
Chalk Bag w/Chalk 100
ATC Belay Device with Locking Carabiner 250
Gri-Gri Belay Device with Locking Carabiner 400
Small Locking Carabiner 125
Large Locking Carabiner 175
60cm Nylon Runner 75
120 CM Nylon Runner 125
Full Set (1 rope, 1 set of quickdraws, 2 ATC’s, 2 Harnesses, 2 Helmets, 2 Pair of Shoes, 2 60cm Nylon
Runners, 2 Small Locking Carabiners, 1 Guidebook)


NOTE: Due to issues in the past with gear gone missing, we now require you to leave your passport or a cash deposit for the replacement cost of the items rented at CMRCA for the duration of your rental.

Please check out our Equipment Rental Contract and Policy before heading out.

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