Mae-On Food & Accommodation

The “cowboy” town around Crazy Horse offers a special opportunity for climbers to eat and sleep Thai style. Consider spending a couple nights out near the crag!

Mae On District

Crazy Horse Buttress is located in the district (Amphoe) of Mae On and the village of Ban Sahakon. Ban Sahakon has a small population of about 3,000 people while there are approximately 30,000 people in the entire district. Mae On is relatively undeveloped compared to other parts of Chiang Mai. While driving through rural rice paddies in this area there are a myriad of options to eat, sleep and relax. Stop at a roadside stand for some Chiang Mai sausage (Sai Ooa), soak in a local hot springs or explore waterfalls and caves. Here, you’ll get a taste of what Northern Thai country culture is all about. Don’t be surprised if you see some cowboys in the area as Mae On is now promoting itself as a cowboy town.

You’ll be hard pressed to find muesli, pancakes and pizza out here and in our opinion that is a good thing. Climbing is about adventure and traveling in Mae On exemplifies that experience. There is no shortage of outstanding local food. We’d like to keep it that way. Indulge in something new!

Find Your Own Hidden Gem

We have created a map of Mae On amenities to help you find restaurants, guesthouses/hotels, and other attractions. In an effort to promote the district, we are refraining from making specific recommendations about food and lodging. We are rather providing contact and location information for every place that we know about. Our hope is that you will go on an adventure and discover your own favorite place, strike up a conversation with a local, and get to experience what we think is so special about the area. Once you find a spot, consider keeping it a secret and let others discover their own.

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