After School Climbing Club

No experience necessary! Join us for the CMRCA After School Climbing Club and learn how to rock climbing in an exciting and energetic kids club!

*Starts Wednesday, October 14, 2020!*

Looking for something to get your kids active after school? Climbing is a fantastic sport and activity for kids of all ages and does not require any experience to get started. Climbing encourages kids to discover new patterns of movements and unique ways to solve problems. As kids challenge themselves on the climbing wall, they experience a renewed sense of confidence which stays with them long after they leave the gym.


Our climbing gym is perfect for kids as they do not need to use any special climbing equipment besides a pair of rental climbing shoes to get started on their journey in the incredible sport of rock climbing! With the help of our professional instructors, kids are encouraged to expand their comfort zone, solve problems, engage with other kids in a team building environment, and have fun while being active! 


During each 1.5 hour session, kids will be coached on basic climbing skills, body positioning, and proper falling technique with exciting games and drills.



Every Wednesday from 16:00 – 17:30


CMRCA Indoor Climbing Gym


Kids aged 7+ (recommended age 7 – 14)


THB 350 per child

What is included?

After School Climbing Club entrance, climbing shoe rental, day pass

How do I register?

Simply come to our gym on Wednesdays before 16:00 to register

Hope to see you on the climbing wall soon!