10 Days of Giving Back to the Crag We Love

For 17 years climbing at Crazy Horse was known as one of the most sustainable and well developed crags in Asia.

However the past four and half years have been challenging for the climbing community. Our beloved area was suddenly shut down without warning and it was unclear whether or not climbing would ever be allowed.  In late 2022 climbers were given the greenlight to return to climbing while relevant government agencies work out the details of how to make the reopening completely official. While this is still in process, it is not clear who will be managing the area moving forward.

As a company we typically embark on a caving expedition during March to get out of the sun and pollution. However this year, we felt it was our duty to give the crag some tender loving care. We decided to use the last ten days of March as an opportunity to give back to the area that has given us so much. It also served as an opportunity to introduce many of our new staff to the area and educate them on what it takes to maintain an outdoor rock climbing area. 

During the 10 day period we sent a team of 22 people to do the equivalent of approximately 138 days and more than 1400 hours of work.  During that time we cleared trails, removed bamboo from Anxiety State Crisis Cave, built new steps and platforms for belay, cleaned and blew dust off routes and upgraded and replaced anchors on more than 60 routes.  We replaced 

  • 171 stainless steel quick links
  • 70 stainless steel rings 10mm rings
  • 8 stainless steel carabiners
  • 114 stainless steel chain lengths
  • 2 x stainless steel chain with carabiner anchor sets
  • 4 titanium rings
  • 4 titanium quick links

We also cleaned up many of the walls that were a bit overgrown including:

  • Brah Wall
  • Vision Wall
  • Reunion Buttress
  • ASC Multi Pitch Routes
  • Hanging Gardens
  • Little Monkey Cove
  • Evening Terraces
  • The Gatekeeper 
  • Reunion 
  • Sentinel Buttress

We look forward to continuing the effort after some much needed rest during the Songkran holiday and hope to climb with you all soon.

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