Progression Adventure 2023 Winter Program Season

From September to December 2023, Progression Adventure was busy with student programs

In 2023, Progression Adventure saw the return of pre-pandemic levels of student programming. Since September, the Progression Adventure team has dedicated approximately 7,000 hours across 74 program days to facilitating transformational experiences for students. 

The adventure curriculum paired with intentional reflection activities helped students unlock their true potential. This winter season’s programs guided 926 students as they stepped out of their comfort zones, faced fears, and made unforgettable memories with their peers. 

The participating schools were highly impressed by the quality experiential learning featured in the programs. A recent survey from a teacher at AIS Singapore noted the following message in a survey: 

“Emerged in the surrounding beauty of Chaing Mai’s natural wonder, progression’s passionate and dedicated counselors led the students on an unforgettable and memorable journey where they pushed themselves regularly outside their comfort zones building confidence and lifelong connection and friendships.”

Looking Forward to A Successful 2024

As Progression Adventure looks ahead to 2024, we expect to exceed the number of student programs in 2023. The Progression Adventure team is starting the year strong with January programs in Krabi and Chiang Mai. During the upcoming programs, we will strive to constantly improve the delivery of transformational experiences for students. By challenging students and equipping them with resilience, Progression works toward its mission of fueling the progression of younger generations.