Progression Camps Winter 2021

After successfully launching our first ever Progression Camps this summer we followed up with two adventure packed weeks this winter that took participants from Chiang Mai to take part in some of the best outdoor adventure activities Northern Thailand has to offer.   

Progression is about constantly feeling like you’re on the cusp of something new and exciting, that’s why we created our first ever camp this summer.

This past winter, with your help, we took students to Ban Pong Huay Lan to learn wilderness navigation skills before heading out for a trek through the hills. Alongside their guides they learned how to read maps and use compasses as well as navigated some tricky terrain in order to find villages where they practiced their newfound skills – all culminating in an overnight camping experience!

In Lampang students challenged themselves climbing a number of different routes at our newest crag in Northern Thailand.  After a night of cooking and camping students woke up, hiked up to our entry point and rappelled down into a cave to learn about the geology of these limestone caverns as well as different mapping techniques.

Progression camps are designed to teach important life skills and cultivate team building through communication and cooperation. Whether it’s rappelling down into a cave in order to overcome your fear of heights or trekking miles across rough terrain with a pack on your back in search of your next waypoint, there is something to learn for everyone at our outdoor adventure camp!

If you want more Progression Adventures during school breaks then don’t hesitate to tell us what type of experience you would be interested in by emailing