The “Spirit of Crazy Horse”

How psyched am I to be a part of such an active and awesome climbing community and to be able to write to all of you!  My name is Alan.  Some of you might have seen me around CMRCA already and we might have even met, but for those of you who I have not yet had the pleasure…    I look forward to it.

I moved to Chiang Mai a little over a year ago and started a job at CMRCA as the manager of Adventure Programs.  Basically, it is my job to oversee our daily guiding operation, certification programs, bouldering wall and retail store as well as to relay our message to the general public.  It has been a year now… And I feel that I understand enough about CMRCA and Thailand that it is time I start sharing my experience and experiences with you all, and to start working with everyone here to make climbing in Chiang Mai the best it can be.

We at CMRCA are extremely lucky to have you! The climbing scene around here is amazing and growing bigger by the day. We want to make every effort we can to make climbing accessible, exciting, fun, social, and sustainable for everyone young and old; beginner and expert. We want to make sure that the “climber’s voice” is heard so we can help develop our climbing areas and programs to meet the communities needs while at the same time preserving relationships with local communities and the land at Crazy Horse Buttress.

Alan Avedovech

I am seriously passionate about climbing and seriously passionate about the social aspect that climbing creates.  I have swapped leads, played games, sung songs, and shared many campfires discussions with my climbing friends.  We are all connected by a common interest and a certain “dirtbaggery” that makes our cause special and unique.  We all like to get dirty, sweat and scream for the love of climbing.  Without community I would be climbing alone… Not the safest practice nor is it all that fun.  Climbing needs community and a the climbing community needs a voice so that everyone’s different and unique perspectives are heard.  My goal is to open the door to a fun and energetic place that people want to come and where we can all share ideas to not only make the climbing here better, but to create lasting friendships too!

Building a Bigger Community

What I have seen and experienced in my one year here is that the people of the Chiang Mai climbing community are strong, passionate, goofy, and all out fun and good people!  We each have our own styles and schedules and with the challenges of modern life its not always convenient or accessible to get together. At CMRCA, we have always strived to create a space or a forum where we can hang out together, climb and train together and share our ideas.  With your help, I want to take those efforts even further!

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures
Alan descending into the cave

We have listened to your feedback over the past year and are announcing new Chiang Mai Climbing Club Membership pricing. We think you’ll be pretty happy. In addition, we are building a schedule of regular clinics and events which will continue to be the catalyst for an even more active and connected climbing community.

Check out this new Chiang Mai Climbing Club Membership Pricing and keep an eye on our upcoming event schedule on our website and Facebook for events like the 2017 Community Crank Cup, Movie Nights, Guest Speakers, and more!!!

If you have any ideas for events or suggestions in general I would love to hear them.  Stop by and chat, climb and share your ideas!  You can contact me directly at as well.

Lets bring the “Spirit of Crazy Horse” to life!
Climb ON!