Community Crank Winter Series 2023-2024

Don’t miss your chance to compete in one of the three rounds of the Community Crank Winter Series 2023-2024!

Join us for the Community Crank Winter Series 2023-2024, featuring three rounds of exciting bouldering competitions at Progression Vertical Climbing Gym.

This year, Progression Vertical is introducing a three-round Community Crank series, with a competition in October, December and February. Each round, winners of the Round will be announced, and after all three rounds, we will award a Series Winners. Don’t miss the opportunity to win it all. Register today and let the climbing adventures unfold!

Event Schedule for Each Round:

1 p.m. In-Person Registration

2 p.m. Kids Crank

3:45 p.m. Kids Results and Awards

4 p.m. Adult Crank

6:15 p.m. Adult Results and Awards

ROUND 1: OCTOBER 14, 2023

Round 1 kicks off the series with a diverse range of divisions tailored to climbers at every level. The event includes exciting prize raffles, with proceeds supporting the Thailand Climbing Development Association. A highlight of this round is the presence of elite route setters from Bangkok, including Ploy, Mean, and Ice. Ploy is coming from Climb Central Bangkok where she is known for her unique and challenging routes. Mean is a member of the Thai national team, and she is helping take routes to the next level. Ice, also known from “Make Your Own Way,” is bringing creative sequences to the routes.

ROUND 2: DECEMBER 16, 2023

Round 2 of the 2023-2024 Community Crank Winter Series was another exciting competition with raffle prizes, vendors, and multiple divisions for climbers of all levels. Returning route setter Ploy joined guest route setters Gwang and Tung from Bangkok, adding their expertise to create challenging and exciting routes.

ROUND 3: FEBRUARY 10, 2024

You do not want to miss the final round of the Community Crank. We will award both individual round prizes as well as the Overall Winter Series Winners! Our route setting team for this round includes iconic climbing sibling duos, Ploy and Petch Tomas and Add and Ooan Kongsingh. In addition to our awesome route setting, we will have both new and returning vendors. It’s not too late to register, so sign up using the link below!

Register Here for Round 3