Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing

Take your climbing to new heights with this intro to multi pitch climbing course!

Take your climbing to new heights with this two-day Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing course!

Multi-pitch rock climbing is perhaps the most exhilarating experience available to climbers. There is something special about the exposure one feels while hanging from the side of a cliff 60 meters above the ground and feeling totally comfortable.

Our Introduction to Multi-Pitch Climbing Course will take you on a guided tour of the highest points of the crag. You will learn how to properly belay climber from the top and the basics of building anchors and rappelling from a multi-pitch route.  You will learn some simple rope management techniques that will help you save time to maximize your day.

Though multi-pitch climbing is an amazing experience, there is risk involved and it is important to understand the risk factors and safety issues involved in the activity. In our multi-pitch courses, you will be introduced to the most essential climbing techniques. Skills discussed will include proper multi-pitch belaying, special multi-pitch safety concerns, fall factor, building safe anchors, minimum equipment needs, special and advanced climbing knots, falling on multi-pitch, catching falls on multi-pitch, setting up rappel anchors, rappelling, rappelling back-up systems, and equipment maintenance.

This course is ideal for experienced climbers who have not yet done any multi-pitch climbing, or students who have progressed through top rope and lead climbing programs. This course may also be appropriate for very strong gym climbers who have not yet experienced high exposure in the outdoor setting.



* For groups larger than 2 people please contact us for prices and availability

    What climbing experience do I need for this course?

    This course for the intermediate to advance climbers that have a working knowledge of critical lead climbing skills including belaying, clipping, and climbing knots before participating in this multi-pitch course. This course is not for beginners!

    Prerequisite courses include Introduction to Rock Climbing, Outdoor Top Rope Essentials, and Learn to Lead Outdoor

    What will I learn?
    • Equipment for multi pitch climbing
    • Top belay using a plaquette belay device
    • Protecting the follower
    • Anchors for multi pitch climbing
    • Rope management
    • Multi pitch transitions
    • Mulit pitch rappels
    What's included?

    AMGA/WMA Certified Guide, climbing equipment, insurance for climbing, lunch, transportation to and from the activity site and the CMRCA office.

    Hotel Pick up and drop off service available at checkout.

    What should I bring?

    Athletic Clothing, Closed Toed Shoes and Socks, Refillable Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Camera, Snacks

    What is the projected itinerary?

    Day One (Progression Vertical Gym) 1/2 Day:

    Review equipment and skills necessary for multi-pitch climbing at Progression Vertical

    Day 2 (Crazy Horse Buttress) Full Day:

    Apply the skills learned on day one to climbing actual multi-pitch routes at Crazy Horse Buttress.

Safe, professional and fun

Crazy Horse is a great location to do a climbing course and CMRCA have great guides.

Safe, highly trained, lead climbing experience

While this group costs more than the competitors group, I was able to observe Gee's technique against the other outfits guides and Gee was much safer and practiced under the Colorado Mountain School (US) standards.

CMRCA is the best!

I can say that going out to Crazy Horse Was by far one of the highlights of my trip.

Intro to Caving was great!

What a cool thing to do while in Chiang Mai! The cave was amazing!

“fun adventure, great company”

My caving trip with CMRCA was the best thing I did in Chiang Mai!

Intro to Cave Climb

The leaders are very knowledgeable about the area. Safety was a priority. Highly recommend this outfit.