CMRCA Consignment Terms and Conditions

CMRCA welcomes outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts to use our consignment store to sell their used gear. This is a great opportunity to support others in their adventure pursuits providing them with access to inexpensive gear and giving a home to those pieces of gear that have been sitting unused. Please read the following Terms & Conditions to participate.

  1. Consignments: The Consignor has provided the goods described to CMRCA for sale on a consignment basis under the terms and conditions of this agreement. The Consignor acknowledges that they have the legal right to consign/sell the property provided. CMRCA reserves the right to refuse items for consignment for any reason.
  2. Consignment Rates: Consignment rates are based on the final sale value of each item. Proceeds are split based on the consignment payout table.
  3. Consignment Period: The consignment period is 90 to 120 days. At the sole discretion of CMRCA, Consignors may request a 90-day consignment extension for unsold items valued at THB 2,000 or more.
  4. Unsold Item: The Consignor must pick up unsold items at the end of the 120-day consignment period. Unsold items not picked by the end of the consignment period will become the property of CMRCA.
  5. Payment: Consignor will receive 70% of the price of the sold items (price before 7% VAT). CMRCA will proceed with payout via direct deposit bank transfer within 7 days after closing date by notifying the consignor via provided preferred method of contact. The summary of sales will be from the 25th of every month. Payment picked up in-store at CMRCA can be provided with 7 days notice to CMRCA.
  6. Unclaimed Funds: Consignment accounts with no activity (no active items, sales, or purchases) for 180 days will be considered inactive. Unclaimed consignment funds associated with inactive consignment accounts will convert to store credit following 180 days of inactivity. Store credit funds expire after a year of account inactivity. It is the consignor’s sole responsibility to monitor the status of their consignment account. CMRCA will not notify consignors regarding account status or unclaimed funds. Check account status via email
  7. Notifications: CMRCA  will not notify consignors when consignment items have sold except the monthly summary sales. Or when unsold items have reached the end of the consignment period. It is the responsibility of the consignor to monitor their account at
  8. Pricing: The consignor is responsible for setting the item prices and put in the inventory sheet provide by CMRCA. However, CMRCA will recommend an initial sale price base on condition, demand, sales history, and original retail price.
  9. Cleaning/Repair: CMRCA only accepts consignments that are clean, functional, and contain all parts necessary for operation. Clothing and sleeping bags must be washed or dry cleaned prior to consignment. CMRCA reserves the right to charge a cleaning or a repair fee for any items put on consignment that do not meet standards.
  10. Addition Fees: Government Tax fee 7% will be added from the gross sale price prior to consignor payout.
  11. Theft or Damages: CMRCA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged consignment items.

To download a copy of the Terms & Conditions click here:

Terms&Conditions – CMRCA Used Gear Shop – 2021-09-06