How Our Team Fueled Progression in 2022!


I started working with CMRCA in February 2022 on a three-month human resources project to refresh and create company policies and incentives with the management team. In the process, the company values were always considered to ensure the outcome would support team motivation and maintain the strong bond fostered within the company over the past 20 years. So, the “The Fuel Your Progression Health and Wellness Grant” was formed based on one of our critical core value of Seek Growth and Development.

What is the Fuel Your Progression Health and Wellness Grant about?

In our co-founder’s Josh’s words:

“This grant is meant to help drive a culture and team that is focused on their personal and physical well being. We know from research that when people feel healthy, they are generally happier, more creative, and more collaborative and we want to build a culture that celebrates looking after our health both personally and as a team.”

  • To Inspire and Support team members by providing financial and motivational support to pursue their own physical health and well ness goals.
  • To Lead By Example. We want to set an example for other companies about what can be achieved when an organization takes care of its people. We also want to attract those who are also focused on well being to join our team.
  • To Build Community. When our team members get out into the wilderness and meet communities and other outdoor enthusiasts, our community grows and we expand our network making it easier to adventure and build experiences in the future.
  • To Innovate and Create new experiences that can have tremendous impact. We want our team members to be inspired when they are out on the rock, underground or on the trail and come up with new, exciting ideas for experiences, events, staff retreats and more.

Check out some of our team’s achievements!

Starng (Progression Equipment’s Warehouse and Wholesale Supervisor)
entered in UTMB 2022 completing her first 14 Km race.

Pum (Progression Vertical Climbing Gym Manager and Program Manager) became a certified Crossfit coach and enjoys sharing her passion in her coaching sessions.

DJ (Curriculum Design Coordinator) climbed on to face his fears and fulfil the dream of his inner climber dude.

Mario (Technical Delivery Manager) pushed his limits and entered in UTMB 2022 completing the 170 Km race (Again!).

Kwang (Progression Vertical Climbing Gym’s Head Route Setter) has a secret life as an inline skater.

Steff (Director of Experiences) taking care of himself with High-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes at F45.

Emily (Progression Equipment’s Marketing Manager) literally put herself in the climbing shoes of our customers to understand their needs and our products.

Graeme (Progression Vertical Climbing Gym Duty Manager) entered in UTMB 2022 completing the 55 Km race as part of his 2022 goal to run 1,000 Km.

Jasmine (It’s Me – Human Resources Coordinator) with my first set of climbing gear on a new adventure preparing for many more to come.

I am writing this blog with a smile on my face seeing my colleagues living their best life doing what they love. Hoping this year will bring all of us exciting experiences and stay tuned for our team’s next adventures!

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