200 Meters of Overhanging Steel Girder

…and nothing but glass for feet?  On 23 June at 17.00 Singapore time, CMRCA founders Josh and Kat will represent Team Asia in the Marina Bay Sands Grand Opening event – a skyscraper speed climbing competition!

Latest report from the practice arena: “Kat likely clocked the fastest time of the day, though it is hard to say.  Team Asia is looking pretty good.  200 meters is one long pitch!”

Talk about a killer pump.  Josh is the captain of Team Asia and will be climbing next to UK extreme sports legend Tim Emmet.

CMRCA will close from 15.50 to 17.00 tomorrow and head down the street to the Rose Guesthouse at the intersection of Ratchapikhinai and Ratchamanka roads.  Come cheer on our local world-class climbers as they compete in this epic event on ESPN!