A Guide to Climbing in Northern Thailand Goes Digital

Have you ever been at the crag, opened your guidebook and scanned the wall to figure out what that beautiful line is only to find it isn’t in the guidebook?  We experience that all the time.  Even today, with the more than 25 new routes in the past year, our guidebook is not 100% current.  It’s the challenge of keeping a guidebook current while there is continued development at the crag.  It’s a constant challenged deciding how many books to print, what quality, and how to balance new development with updating information. Inevitably we end up with too many old copies, wasting paper creating more trash.

January 2016 marks an end to that with the release of the Guide to Rock Climbing in Northern Thailand iPhone App. Now your guidebook fits in the palm of your hand and contains the most up to date information.  As soon as a new area is updated or a new route is developed, the app updates and you get the most current information including any new routes or other new information.

The app includes everything you need to experience climbing in Northern Thailand including:

  • Detailed topos and route info
  • Crag overview with access and approach information
  • Route search function that enables you to search by name, grade, and area
  • Detailed information on Chiang Mai including food, travel and lodging
  • Detailed step by step instructions for getting to Crazy Horse Buttress
  • Emergency and hospital information
  • Detailed information on the Mae On Valley including restaurants, lodging and adventures
  • Key beta on other climbing areas in Thailand including Krabi, Bangkok, Sikhiu and Khon Kaen

We are just finishing the final touches of our beta testing and version 1.0 will launch in early 2016. We have included some screenshots from the app below. Future versions will include options to add other areas in Northern Thailand including Chiang Dao, Mae Sai and new areas currently under development.