A Year of Progression

It is common if not expected for people, communities and organizations to look back on the past as we approach the new year.  It is no different for us. In late October, we came together as a company to look back on the last year and challenge each other to look forward to the coming season and set our sights on delivering transformational experiences for all of those who participate in our programs. It was an incredible experience where we shared openly with and inspired each other.

Watch the experience here: https://vimeo.com/372859426

This year has been a challenging one.  While the closure of Crazy Horse was a major blow and severely impacted the lives of our entire team, the climbing community, and the local Mae On community, it also presented us with an opportunity to reflect on who we are and why we do what we do. Much like rock climbing and caving, business and life doesn’t always go the way we want it to or think it should. 

In climbing, we often fall on a project over and over again. If we let our mind take over, it can seem impossible yet one day, when we focus on the present we overcome that obstacle and move beyond the point where we continue to fall and ultimately make it to the top. It is there we can celebrate for a moment before refocusing on the next route and ultimately repeating the process.

Caving is quite similar.  As we push deeper and deeper underground into more and more uncomfortable spaces, we often find we get pushed back and spit out by the cave. If we exit feeling failure, we lose the impetus to return and find another way and continue to unlock the mystery of the cave, discovering more about the landscape and ultimately ourselves. Each trip, we develop new skills which builds new confidence and ultimately helps us progress further and achieve objectives we once thought impossible.

In a way, the end of 2018 into 2019 was no different than a rock climb or a cave.  We were coming off tremendous success of adding 100 new sport routes to Crazy Horse and playing an integral role in the Thai Cave Rescue only to have Crazy Horse shut down just as those successes were being recognized.  If climbing and caving have taught us anything, it is to get back up and try again. We had to adapt, be flexible and look for other opportunities. While we have maintained a sustained and consistent effort to get Crazy Horse Buttress reopened we also began to look at other communities where we could have an impact.  

As we look back on 2019, we have a lot to be proud of and to celebrate.  

  • We facilitated outdoor adventure and leadership experiences for more than 1700 people.
  • We successfully launched our online outdoor outfitter at www.shopprogression.com.
  • We have collaborated with the Ban Tha Sri and Ban Dong communities, the Royal Thai Army, and the Province of Lampang to establish a new rock climbing area in Lampang with nearly 50 stunning sport routes.
  • We have facilitated transformational leadership development programs for more than 300 corporate leaders.
  • Despite the challenges of the closure of Crazy Horse we have been able to maintain our complete staff providing work opportunities for more than 45 people.
  • One of our most proud accomplishments has been the soft launch of our new brand, Progression.

As we look ahead to 2020, we are confident we will have much to celebrate.  We will remain focused and determined to reopen Crazy Horse and also continue to develop new and exciting experiences throughout Thailand so that we may all fuel our progression.

We wish you and those closest to you a happy and healthy new year and look forward to the many journeys and adventures ahead.

Fuel Your Progression,


Josh and Kat Morris