We are excited to host another round of American Mountain Guides Association

(AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) courses next month. If you are not familiar

with the AMGA…


“The AMGA’s founders were hardcore climbers and skiers

who understood the outdoor culture thoroughly. They

realized the soul of these sports didn’t have to be

compromised by organization. Organization could instead

serve to bring the community together in a revolutionary

way. It could provide mountain guides with resources,

services, and credentials to boost their careers, but also

with connections to each other and to the larger community

of guides and clients across the country and around the

globe. These are the ways we lead and promote the guiding



The AMGA has developed a standard of practice amongst climbing guides in

America. Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures (CMRCA) has recognized the

importance of standard practices and we feel they reflect closely to our

company’s core values. We feel standards will help unify Thailand’s guiding

community and spread a value of professionalism and quality in guiding

programs throughout the country.

We currently have 7 SPI certified guides working at CMRCA and this month we

hope to raise that number to 10. Not only are we certifying our own guides, but

we are offering the course to general public as well. This means local Thais are

now getting certified and using the AMGA standard here in Thailand. We have

people signed up from all over the country and we are excited to spread this

standard nationwide.


If you are interested in participating in one of these courses please check out this

link ( to access more information about

the program.