Another Sampling of the Luscious Limestone

We love what we do.  We’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years developing a new wall called Na Pah Hua Jai (Heart Wall).  The word Jai means heart and in Thai language it is used as part of many adjectives such as Jai Rawn (Impatient or Hot Hearted), Jai Yen (Patient or Cool Hearted), and Ruam Jai (Together Heart or Community). Every route at the stunning Heart Wall has the word Jai in it and it hasn’t been difficult to find words to describe the feeling on each route.  Here is a video of a new route called Dtat Sin Jai (Decide) aptly named for the myriad holds to choose from.  So sit back and enjoy, listen to your heart and come climbing with us.

Climb On!