Are Those Bolts Safe?

Have you ever wondered how those bolts we clip get there in the first place?  We often show up at climbing areas with a rack of draws and a rope and basically clip and go.  We clip bolts with the confidence that they will hold our falls and allow us to climb safely.  But what does it really take to place a bolt?

At CMRCA, we take bolting very seriously.  With so many people traveling from so many places, we believe it is the responsibility of the bolter to do the job right ensuring safety and longevity from the beginning.  We have had some amazing teachers through the years and extend our thanks to Francis, Paul and Shamick for their experience.  We learned a lot from them and have added a lot to our systems based on new experience.  Check out these videos of the process of what it takes to place a bolt.  At Crazy Horse, we have switched completely to resin bolts because we believe they are better, stronger and will last longer.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about bolting and climbing.  Be sure to educate yourself about climbing and the gear you use.

As always, Climb safely and Climb On!