Blue Dot Caving with Progression Adventures

It was a great week full of adventure, personal growth and delicious food with Blue Dot Partnership. And not to forget good coffee.

At the end of July  Bo, Tiffy, Fai and Mario from Progression Adventures facilitated a powerful learning experience for 7 students from Michigan University with a focus on personal development and leadership. The program offered a broad range of activities such as orienteering, trekking, caving/cave surveying and backcountry cooking which contributed to strengthening the group dynamics and helping students in their personal growth. Students also were looking at how outdoor recreation can be a catalyst for sustainable community and economic development.  

The “Bridge to Success” challenge made an excellent opportunity for students to experience leadership, practice teamwork and expand their comfort zone into new territories. Our students did experience the stages of group development as they grow, face challenges, tackle problems and find solutions.

Together we conquered the “growth mountain” and explored the depths of caves by identifying obstacles and working to overcome them. 

“A challenging program that pushes individuals to discover their emotional, physical, and mental limits while simultaneously teaching individuals to be vulnerable in a group setting.”

– Blue Dot Participant

What is YOUR Progression?