Bolting New Routes at Heart Wall

A major bolting push is well underway at Heart Wall, the newest area at Crazy Horse Buttress.

Over the past month, CMRCA staff and a few friends have bolted three new routes at Heart Wall, bringing the total number of routes in the new area up to 12. The new routes will be graded 5, 6, and 7 (the details have yet to be worked out), so there is a little bit for everybody!

Development at Heart Wall began three years ago, with most of the routes going up in the last eighteen months. Heart Wall is a real labor of love: it’s probably the most beautiful area at Crazy Horse, and it’s high on the mountain and north-facing, so it stays cool, but it’s a steep 1km walk through jungle from the parking area (which means 30 minutes if you’re wearing a bolting-sized pack), and there’s a lot of loose rock and vegetation, which makes bolting new lines a lot of hard work.