Chiang Mai Weather Report: Cloudy Skies, Unlimited Adventures

Things we love about rainy season:

02092010_into_the_sun_0021. Clean air, cool breezes, green everywhere (aahhhh)
2. Crag all to yourself
3. Limestone doesn’t stay soggy for long, but wet cliffs are a great excuse to go Vertical Caving
3. Passionfruit season
4. Views worthy of a Climbing Magazine feature
5. Guaranteed daily encounter with a bug you have never seen before
6. Epic rafting, kayaking, and motorbike touring for your rest days
7. Pre-high season prices!

Here’s our perspective summed up by Tobi, nearing the anchor on Pitch 2 of Crazy Horse classic Into the Sun (6a+) during his Technical Toprope Skills course last week.  Need we say more?  It’s a perfect time to visit Chiang Mai.  Contact CMRCA and join us for your next adventure.