CMRCA Assists In Emergency Evacuation Project

Yesterday, CMRCA staff Josh, Taw, Muad, Pui and Ted traveled to Mae Chaem to teach a group of rescue workers how to build a tyrolean traverse for emergency evacuation during flood season.  Four years ago, the village of Ban Yang Luang saw their homes washed away as the Mae Chaem river swelled and swallowed their streets.  Unable to escape across the bridge, the villagers were without clean water, food and supplies.  CMRCA worked with ADRA Thailand to provide static ropes, webbing and carabiners as well as training so that the village rescue team can provide better assistance in the event of another disaster.  ADRA Thailand has worked with the village for the past three years in disaster relief training.  The day was an incredible success and CMRCA, ADRA Thailand and Ban Yang Luang have created a strong relationship for the future.  We are excited to visit the village soon.