CMRCA Completes Wilderness Advanced First Aid

The CMRCA team hung up the climbing ropes and picked up the books last week to take part in a 6- Day WMA Wilderness Advanced First Aid course. Simon Dilks, a WMA Instructor and General Manager of Insight Adventures flew to Chiang Mai from Yangshuo, China. His years of experience in the outdoor and medical industries have made him an invaluable resource for the SE Asian outdoor industry over the years.
Many things can happen at the crag, everything from mosquito bites to spinal injuries.This medical training was designed for professionals working in remote and challenging environments. What happens if you can’t call an ambulance or you are more than 2 hours from a hospital? Managing medical emergencies in the backcountry is quite different in scope from those in urban settings. There is an old saying in the guide industry that goes something like this “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.” Our commitment to seeking growth and development of our staff ensures that we are ready for all back country emergency situations.  In an ideal world we would never have to use these medical skills, however climbing and caving are inherently dangerous and we need to be prepared to handle any emergency.
The highlight of the training was a medical scenario day at Crazy Horse. All of the scenarios involved multiple people with injuries of varying degree. Check out pictures from the 6-day training below!
Climb ON!