Learning, Skiing, Ice Climbing, Scrapping Ice off Windshields: Phi’s trip to the U.S.

Earlier in March, I had the opportunity to travel to the U.S. to for the NCCPS conference in Boulder, Colorado. It was definitely like a dream come true. The conference combined two things that I am passionate about, which are experiential education and meeting new people. I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity. To me, this experience is all about progression both personally and professionally.

When an opportunity like this one comes knocking at your door, it’s important to answer it with open arms and grab it. That’s my philosophy on progression.

Phi at Arches National Park
Phi at Arches National Park

Although this was a business trip, it is hard to see it as work but rather an adventure and life experience. I got to meet so many wonderful people and make new friends who share the common interest in experiential education. I felt the energy that all of these people brought to the conference, and I could feel their passion and eagerness to go out in the field and change people’s lives. It is hard to truly communicate how this trip has made me feel but absolute joy and optimism for the future.

Another great thing about this trip was that I got to see how people in the U.S. live their lives and how their culture is different from Thai culture. The U.S. is such a diverse and dynamic place and I was so fascinated by all the different cultures and places I got to see. It reminds me about the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone and experience new things. On this trip, I also got to try ice climbing, skiing and scrapping ice off windshields. Two of the three things were incredibly fun.

This trip was certainly one of the best experiences and I will never forget it. I have learned and gained so much and cannot wait to apply new knowledge into my courses.
Open your mind. Do what you love. Put your passion into it. Get yourself outside to see the world. “It is a great day to be alive.”

NCCPS conference
NCCPS conference