CMRCA Hosts Wilderness First Aid Course

This weekend, CMRCA is hosting a WMA Wilderness First Aid course in Chiang Mai.  The group is a great mix of local climbers, experiential education partners and new  friends that travelled from as far away as Kuching, Malaysia.

Certification courses for wilderness first aid and CPR are few and far between here in SE Asia. While we are busy preparing for our own Wilderness Advanced First Aid course next week, we wanted to take this opportunity while an instructor was in town to offer a course to the greater community.  We are committed to the professional development of our own staff, but in the event of an emergency, the reality is that local climbers and adventurers are more likely to be the first responders.  Providing opportunities for training is an important part of developing a safe and sustainable crag!

Stay tuned for more community-based training and development opportunities!

Climb ON!