Crag Clean-up Day 2009!

The 6th Annual Crag Clean-up Day was a HUGE success!  More than 50 fun-loving folks came out to Crazy Horse and spend the whole day moving rocks, dumping dust, sweeping trails, collecting trash, and doing battle against itchy ma moui (the climber’s bane).  We represented the full spectrum of the Chiang Mai community: Climbers, locals, and travelers from all over the world; Ages 5 to 71; Climbing experience from one week to 29 years.

The group effort and the results were truly astounding.  The day’s biggest project was installing 26 sturdy wooden planks and rebar to further improve the belay platforms we built at the base of Crazy Horse Buttress last month. As one volunteer put it, the crag is now “clean enough to eat off.”  Ma moui has met its match (until next year, anyway).

Three cheers for the Chiang Mai climbing community!