Crazy Horse Buttress Update December 2019

When Crazy Horse was closed in August of 2018, we could never have imagined we would still be working to reopen the crag more than a year later. While we know this is disappointing news for everyone, some very exciting developments have taken place in recent months.  

While the crag remains closed to climbing due to legal challenges in the access to the crag as was announced by the Sub District Administrative Authority of Mae On, we feel there is a good possibility that Crazy Horse will reopen next year.  All stakeholders are actively working hard to ensure this happens including the local authorities including the Sub District, District and Provincial government offices, the Mae On community, Mae On businesses, local climbers and the entire CMRCA organization. Unfortunately at this time there are still no hard dates that indicate when the crag will reopen. We will continue to update the community as more information becomes available. As always you are always welcome to reach out to us directly at

As we celebrate the new year, we look forward to a year that will return climbing to Crazy Horse and the community and give us all the ability to look at the past two years with the eyes of a climber and caver recognizing that we are capable of overcoming all struggles with hard work, persistence and a team and community effort.  

We look forward to providing good news in the coming year.

Climb On in 2020!