Crazy Horse Update: October, 2020

On October 1, 2020 CMRCA founders Josh Morris and Khaetthaleeya Uppakham were invited by Aor Bor Taw Mae On to present an application for access to Crazy Horse in the Mae On district.

Following discussions with all 8 villages in the Ban Sahakorn community, the application is currently being considered by local government agencies. Throughout the process CMRCA, the Ban Sahakorn community, and related local government agencies have worked closely together to bring rock climbing access back to the Mae On district, and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Both the Ban Sahakorn village communities, and local government agencies have agreed that CMRCA will manage the climbing area (Crazy Horse) in order to create more opportunities and benefits for the local community. It is our hope that this application process will be able to serve as a model for other developers and climbing area development projects throughout Thailand

However, access is still pending further review from many government agencies, and we are unable to give an exact date when Crazy Horse will reopen. We are working hard to bring opportunities and benefits back to the Mae On community as quickly as is possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.