Culture and Combustion at the Mae On Rocket Festival

You haven’t really experienced northern Thailand until you’ve participated in a local festival — and once you’ve seen one, we won’t be surprised if you stick around to see them all.  This Thursday, May 27, CMRCA will explode onto the local festival scene with a special afternoon trip to Bang Fai, the annual Rocket Festival, in Mae On.  We have no doubt that the town next to Crazy Horse Buttress will put on an awesome show!

CMRCA has been invited to enter the Rocket Competition, which is the centerpiece of this amazing holiday.  We are inviting all members of our community to come and help us demolish the competition and enjoy an incredible evening of local culture, mouth-watering food, and exploding rockets.  Could it get any better?

If you are interested, please contact us and sign up by 19.00 on Wednesday, May 26.  If we have enough people we can provide transportation to Mae On in the afternoon.  Special climbing courses will be offered on this day: climbing in the morning, and the Rocket Festival in the afternoon, and evening.

Hope you can join us for this terrific Chiang Mai event.  Start hoarding gunpowder!