Dead Robber Waterfall Caving Video!

Earlier this month, CMRCA and the Chiang Mai Caving Club teamed up for a weekend underground in the massive, mysterious, rarely visited caves of Doi Angkhang.  The cavers returned to Dead Robber Waterfall Cave to explore a passage a CMRCA team had discovered in October 2009 – watch the sweet video of that expedition!  After pushing Dead Robber Waterfall Cave as far as they could, the team spent a day in the depths of Angkhang Sink Hole, an underground slot canyon full of stunning rock formations and weird troglomorphic widlife.

Check out this video of what we found deep below the mountains of rural northern Thailand!


More stories and pictures from the trip can be found in last week’s blog post.


Excited about caving?  With one month left of dry season, now is the perfect time to explore the amazing cave systems just outside Chiang Mai.  Sign up for a caving course with CMRCA today!