Guide Team Reviews Top- and Base-Managed Rescue


Just back from the monthly guide meeting.  We began with a morning of discussion, checking in with each other and reviewing the team’s major current projects.  This month’s projects included bolting, standardizing a system for reporting accidents and close calls, and creating LinkedIn profiles for the whole guide team (check ’em out!

After a hearty lunch in town we made our way to Crazy Horse, where guides spent the afternoon practicing single- and multi-pitch rescue techniques.  The assistant guides raced to see who could perform the fastest belay escape and base-managed rescue.  The top-rope, lead, and senior guides hung from practice anchors and ran through various procedures and techniques for top-managed and multi-pitch rescue.

It was great to spend a day with the whole guide team, asking questions, reviewing projects, and refreshing and developing our skills.  Next month: staff YouTube channels and trad training!