Just Another Sunday at a Chiang Mai Rocket Festival!


huay_lan_rocket_festival_007Often in Chiang Mai, one finds oneself asking the question, what should I do today?  Luckily enough, if your eyes are open and you are willing to open yourself to any experience, you just might find an unexpected adventure right around the corner.  Yesterday, while climbing at Crazy Horse, we decided to take a detour home having a look at a local village we hadn’t visited in a long time.  After following the winding brick road into a stunning public reservoir park, we happened upon one of the North’s biggest Bang Fai (Rocket) festivals of the year.  We arrived to an incredible display of northern Thai delicacies including sausages, sweets and the usual stall selling Leo and Chang.   Perhaps more surprising however was the 5 story scaffolding built to hold massive home made rockets created by teams from all over the north.  The rockets were so big, they took teams of six people to march them onto the giant launch pad.  The sound during the launch was deafening, and the entire northern community cheered and laughed together.  While this seems like an odd experience, the truth is that if you just take a turn down a random street in the North, you’ll find something special: A festival, a friendly community, an amazing piece of wilderness as you would on any other Sunday.


What kind of adventure will you create?

Climb On!